Dietary & Allergens

No matter the occasion or dietary need of your guests – G’Day Chef has a range of delicious options to savour and enjoy


We understand the importance of special catering services for those with food allergies and intolerance, health or lifestyle needs or religious dietary needs. We provide a wide variety of scrumptious gluten free, dairy free, nut free, fructose friendly, vegetarian and vegan foods as well as cater to special diets such as pregnancy friendly or diabetic and religious dietary requirements such as Halal and Kosher.

Our Abbreviations

vgn – VEGAN

Cross – Contamination
Specific dietaries such as fructose friendly, gluten free, dairy free or vegan are wrapped and labelled separately to avoid cross-contamination

Gluten Free
A Gluten Free diet excludes the protein gluten. Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley & rye, just to name a few.

Dairy Free
A Dairy free diet excludes milk and milk derivatives including: cheese, yoghurt, cream, butter, milk powders, milk solids and whey to name a few. All Dairy free items are without lactose

A Vegan diet excludes all foods derived from animals including: meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs and sometimes honey (it depends on the vegan!) plus any other animal-derived food additives.

Fructose Friendly
A Fructose friendly diet avoids foods made up of components that include sugars. As fructose is found naturally in many foods including honey, wheat, fruits and vegetables, it is very difficult to label anything “fructose free” hence our Fructose Friendly items are classed as low in fructose

We cannot cater for Coeliac, a Gluten Free choice is the best option
In people with coeliac disease (pronounced ‘seel-ee-ak’) the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten causing small bowel damage. People with coeliac disease would strictly avoid any food product containing gluten. (Source: Coeliac Australia)


** Please be aware that we make every effort to eliminate the risk of cross contamination however our kitchen uses ingredients that contain most common food allergens and there may be traces in your meal. They include but are not limited to dairy, eggs, gluten, soybeans, seafood, peanuts, sesame, tree nuts, lupins & soy and other allergens.