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We’re about one thing and one thing only, seriously good catering. Built on the backbone of a gourmet café in the suburbs of Melbourne, our catering company started a decade ago as a passion project that provided beautiful delicacies for private events

After years of gourmet creativity and sleepless nights, we found our niche with making simple, affordable & delicious food for the corporate & events sector


The commitment to good food ~ Our service and food are the best ~ For making parties better ~ We speak the language of food ~ Best food for special occasions ~ Great tastes at affordable prices ~ Decade of catering experience ~ Chefs who worked all over the world ~ Over the top ingredients ~ Delivery time guaranteed

Whilst what we do is predominantly event catering, we pride ourselves on the details that go into each and very bite. Years of research and relationship building have gone into working with fresh produce supplies to make sure that everything we put on a platter is as fresh and delicious as possible.